Best Game For A Bride

Are you wondering if a bride deserves to play a game? Well we do understand that a bride has a hundred things to do for her wedding but don’t you think that she also deserves to have some lone time to relax her mind off all the tension and troubles? Playing a game does exactly that, it frees up your mind so you can enjoy and relax and then when you stop playing and go back to work, you can focus better.

For Naina, a very peculiar bride from the south had asked us about one game that would make her enjoy and ease her mind off the wedding work. This post is dedicated to Naina and after a lot of research we came up with a pool game alternative. We had asked Naina about her likes and dislikes and she told us that she loved playing a game of pool with her friends. So what better than a replica of the pool game? 8 Ball Pool is a fantastic game played by millions of players world wide and is an awesome mind relaxing game.

Our suggestion is not just for Naina but for any bride that wishes to have some free time and why not? You totally deserve it, after all the hard work you are throwing at this wedding, have some time off and play a fun and relaxing game of pool with a random player from across anywhere in the world. This is a game where there are 7 balls on each player’s side that they have to pocket. After pocketing all the balls, they go after the 8 ball, the black ball and whoever pockets this, wins the game. The only catch here is that you can only go after this 8th ball is when all your 7 balls are in the pocket.

We have actually met several brides in our research on various games and we had found that most brides say that 8 ball pool is the game. But they had their own fare share of complaints with respect to this game. Many of them told us that they are not able to progress fast in the game whereas many people they know progressed fast as they invested tons of money into the game. Now not everyone is rich and can afford to pump so much money and so the poor were getting left out.

To all those future pool players (bridal of course), we have an easy solution for you. If you are not able to afford the game’s real money store, then take a look at this website. So far with all the research we could do, this was the best hack for 8 ball pool game. This game not only makes sure that your account identity is safe and secured, but it also promises you unlimited coins and also pool cash that you can use to purchase various things in the game in matter of a few clicks. It might ask you to verify your humanity to see if you are a bot or not but other than that no other complications and definitely no real money is asked for. We had found this to be a working script and we hope it will continue to work. Let us know if it does not and we will find another one.

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Becoming A Bride?

A bride is a woman or a girl who is about to get married or has just married and become a newly wed. The person who they are marrying are often known as a bridegroom, someone who comes, marries the bride and takes her to his home away from her parents.

A bride after getting married starts to live with the bridegroom in his home with his family or alone if the guy lives independently. A bride when walks down the isle, is often accompanied by a few bridesmaids who come and offer support.

This happens mostly in the west. In the east we often see friends and lots of family members of the girl coming along with the girl to show her their support. Mostly the brothers or cousins come around with flowers or other means around the bride here in the east.


Marriage is a special thing and so it is highly important that you dress well. Clothes are always the most important thing for a Bride in a marriage. A bride in North America and Europe wears a full white dress or a gown along with a veil.

This is a standard dressing across these two continents and every marriage you will find the bride covered in a beautiful white dress. This is a tradition that was once started by a Royal Queen and since then it has been followed by everyone around.

Things are slightly different around in the East, specially Asian countries where white is seen as a color of mourning and death. A woman wears white clothes when her husband or someone in the family has passed away. It is a sign of mourning, the white color. So a completely opposite tradition to what is followed in the west.

Here in Asian countries, brides wear any type of dress they feel like and color is not a problem. They just cannot wear white or black and all the rest of the colors are totally fine. Majority of the girls like to wear something like a blue, navy, red or purple color dress as they look magnificent in such colors.

Each culture will have something unique that happens only in their culture. If you happen to visit India, there are many different culture prevalent there and each one will have something unique to do in a wedding. You will often hear things like “This does not happen in our culture”, “This happens differently in our culture” and so on.

So Marriage is a special function and everyone has their own way of doing it. Being a Bride, she has to follow two customs, one of their culture and one of the bridegroom’s. Welcome to the life of a bride.

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